Goodwill Southern Arizona

Goodwill Southern Arizona

40 store locations across US

7 Months using our tools

115% increase in Google search views


About Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona was founded in 1969 to help adults with disabilities find a place to work. Over the years that have followed, Goodwill has set up donation centres, retail thrift stores, job connection centres, youth mentoring programs and youth employment programs to help provide a “hand up” to those looking to give themselves and their families a better life.

The Challenge

With consumers relying majorly on websites such as Google, Bing and Yelp to find stores near them, Goodwill needed to make sure that consumers who wanted to shop/donate could find them easily on the internet.

Goodwill has 40 thrift stores and donation centres set up in Southern Arizona. Consumers who wanted to find Goodwill stores online were facing trouble locating them.


Within 72 hours of getting onboard with our tools, all of Goodwill’s 40 locations in Southern Arizona were listed and/or claimed on over 48 websites. All that Goodwill needed to do was import the store details on to the dashboard. Our tools’s dashboard gives Goodwill the option to edit their location details such as opening/closing hours, address, special offers, etc. at any point in time. Any changes made will be automatically reflected across the internet between 2 minutes and 48 hours. Ever since becoming a customer, Goodwill’s online listings have been helping more customers locate their stores with ease.

Our tools dashboard also provides detailed analytics about the engagement that these stores locations are getting online, and aggregates all reviews that these stores receive on any other website as well. Goodwill can track the increase in customers finding them online ever since they joined our tools. The results have been fantastic, so far.


After becoming a Brandligent’s tool customer, Goodwill’s listings have experienced a 114.91% increase in visibility to consumers online. Users have discovered them more on Facebook as well, with Goodwill receiving a 193.36% surge in views on their Facebook listings.