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Infront Webworks

65% increase in website visits

61% increase in phone calls

91 locations with our tools



Infront Webworks is a 21-year-old company that started off as a web development agency in 1997. They are now a full-service digital marketing agency pioneering in cutting edge website design and development. They work on innovative ways to attract new customers for their clients and also build powerful tools that help grow businesses.

Infront Webworks is a highly decorated marketing agency. They are a Google certified partner. Their SEO team comprises of highly experienced individuals that have bagged the Landy award. Infront Webworks is also nominated in 3 other categories in the US Search awards. The innovative experts are ranked no. 8 internationally for SEO by the Clutch.


The SEO team at Infront works towards attaining the top positions on local search for their clients. Location data management has always been a part of their service. This involved creating business listings and managing them on the online directories that made sense, for each of their clients’ locations. Initially, this was done manually and was pretty time-consuming.

They were looking for a solution that would help them maintain NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) consistency on the internet for their clients. They understand that this is paramount for getting top placement in the local stack on Google.

The major requirements for the solution that they were looking for was – reliability and affordability. The tool had to work seamlessly and produce consistent results. Infront works with clients that have multi-location businesses and automating online presence for each of these locations was necessary. They were also looking for an affordable option as they did not want to charge the clients with an additional cost.


The team at Infront Webworks is continuously on the lookout for new software and tools that can help improve their speed and efficiency as a team. Using enterprise grade tools is of utmost importance to them.

After careful evaluation, Infront Webworks zeroed in on our tools as the automation tool they needed. They found our tools’s dashboard to be very intuitive and client-centric with a highly equipped agency toolset. Our tools dashboard made it easy for them to generate reports and set KPIs for each of their clients.

Each of their clients’ location data was uploaded on to our tools’s dashboard with ease. Following this, they managed to sync client information across directories seamlessly. They continue to use the dashboard as a central base to automatically update and/or create location listings for their clients. They also use the tool to automate citation building as it helps improve local search rankings. These activities tie our tools’s feature set with the overall targets that the agency is trying to achieve for their clientele.

Since each SEO specialist works with 8-16 different clients, multiple personnel make use of our tools dashboard at Infront Webworks. At least one of the SEO specialists visits the dashboard on a given day. The marketing agency’s general workflow involves four key steps: Strategize – Analyze – Implement – Report. And our tools fits into all of the four!

(The data shown below is consolidated for all of Infront Webworks’ locations synced with our tools)

As shown above, all of the metrics tracked for the locations synced with our tools have seen an upward trend.

The metric Profile Views shown above is the sum of all profiles (On Google, Facebook, and Bing) for each of the locations. The most growth was contributed by Google My Business profiles, reporting an overall 66% increase in the number of profile views.

The number of website visits for all of Infront Webworks’ client websites grew by ~65% since they started using our tools. This can be attributed to the improvement in local search rankings after their business listings and location data was synced online.

The number of phone calls made to these businesses through Google, Facebook and Bing profiles has increased by 61% with consistent growth in the last few months.

Direction requests here refers to the number of times that customers have asked for directions via desktop, mobile or tablets through Facebook, Google or Bing profiles of the businesses. This metric has been steady over last year reporting a gradual growth of 36%.

As a full-fledged and highly efficient marketing agency, Infront Webworks understands the need to save time on manual labor and investing in a granular tool like our tools. The dashboard has helped them stay on top of their local SEO game while keeping the SEO work they are doing TRUE, as they can rely on the results that the dashboard gives!